Multi-Sports Camps

Upcoming WPPS & Floreat Holiday Camps for 2024

Summer Holiday Camp and INSET Dates 2024 at WPPS

  • WPPS INSET : Mon 15th July
  • Week 1: Thurs 25th & Fri 26th July
  • Week 2: Mon 29th July – Fri 2nd Aug
  • Week 3: Mon 5th Aug – Fri 9th Aug
  • Week 4: Mon 12th Aug – Fri 16th Aug
  • Week 5: Mon 19th Aug – Fri 23rd Aug
  • Week 6: Tues 27th Aug – Fri 30th Aug
  • WPPS INSET: Mon 2nd & Tues 3rd Sept

Summer Holiday Camp Dates 2024 at Floreat

  • Week 1: Wed 24th, Thurs 25th & Fri 26th July
  • Week 2: Mon 29th July – Fri 2nd Aug
  • Week 3: Mon 5th Aug – Fri 9th Aug
  • Week 4: Mon 12th Aug – Fri 16th Aug
  • Week 5: Mon 19th Aug – Fri 23rd Aug
  • Week 6: Tues 27th Aug – Fri 30th Aug



AM Sports Academy deliver Multi Sports Holiday Camps for children aged 4-12 at Wimbledon Park Primary and Floreat Wandsworth Primary, which take place during school holidays and closures.


Wimbledon Park Primary School – Havana Road, SW19 8EJ

Floreat Wandsworth Primary School – 305 Garratt Lane, SW18 4EQ

You may choose whichever venue suits you best and your child does not need to attend the host school to participate.

Important booking notes for Camps clubs:

  • PLEASE USE YOUR CHILD”S SCHOOL YEAR as of Autumn 2024/25 (so what year they are from September 2024)
  • Accounts are created during the registration process so cannot be set up ahead of time
  • If you have registered before then you can log in and the system will remember some of your details. Make sure they are correct and amend anything that has changed since last time.
  • Use the correct email address you have used before to log in so you do not create a new account
  • Minimum age is 4 years at time of camp due to Ofsted regulations – no exceptions

Monetary or Virtual Credits:

  • If you have a CREDIT from a card payment on your Active account a tick box will appear at checkout to prompt you to tell the system to assign it to your new booking. Ensure you tick the box to use it as the amount will NOT come off the total automatically.
  • If you have a virtual CREDIT in Childcare or Tax Free Vouchers please deduct the amount from your payment. Any queries re amount etc email [email protected]

Paying with Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare:

Sports Maps:

These plans detail what your child will be doing during camp and are set out by day and group type. They will be available on our website, Facebook page and on the registration desk at the beginning of each week or camp period to see which sports are on offer.

For the programme of activities you can view sports maps : Summer Maps coming soon

Camp Groups:

Children will be put into daily groups with coaches grouping children by age and trying where possible to keep friends together. Age groups are as follows:

  • Crocodiles 4/5 years
  • Sharks 5/6/7 years
  • Rhinos (WPPS only) 6/7/8
  • Eagles 8+

Age Guidelines:

  • The minimum age for attending a camp is 4 years old. Due to changes in our Ofsted registration 3 year olds can not be accepted.
  • We can accept Year 7 children who are 11 or 12 years. Just select Year 7 from the list their date of birth as normal.

Pricing & Discounts :

  • A full day is £44.50 (inc VAT) for a 7 hour 9.30am – 4.30pm session
  • Early Drop off or Late Pick up £6.50 each
  • Multi Child Discount: 1st child full price, subsequent children 10% discount (not applicable on merchandise or extra hours)

Adding Early or Late’s to your existing order:

To add the early drop and late pick up to your current booking, log in to your Active booking account, select the date you require and click ‘edit purchase’, there will be boxes for the extensions, tick the box you require and ‘submit‘. This will take you to checkout for the additional hours balance to pay.

Camp Times:

  • Core Day 9.30am – 4.30pm
  • Early drop off is 8.30am and late pick up is at 5.30pm

Questions? If you have any questions at all please email us at [email protected]


OFSTED Inspection Reports (August 2022)

We welcome you to read our most recent Ofsted Inspection Reports to find out more about us, our standards and what you can expect when your child attends our Multi Sports Holiday Camps provision.

  • WPPS:
  • Floreat: