Terms and Conditions

Coronavirus (COVID 19) closures and cancellations affecting AMSA bookings (Updated 17th March 2020):

AMSA Multi Sport Holiday Camps:

In the event of forced closure of camp venues and the cancellation of Multi Sports Camps the following procedure applies:

The camp booking will be cancelled by AMSA admin and 100% of the value of card payments paid via our booking system Active will be credited to your Active account and will be available to use on any future AMSA bookings with no expiry period. Please contact [email protected] with any queries.

Camp payments made via Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare cannot be returned but will be held in a virtual credit and can be used against any future bookings with AMSA with no expiry period. On cancellation by AMSA admin you will be advised of the credit amount for your records and a note will be added to your record on our system noting the amount. When you next book the amount will be deducted from your total payment. Please contact [email protected] with any queries.

Change to terms and conditions for AMSA Birthday Party Bookings:

Following the Government’s announcement on Monday 16th March, with regards to social gatherings in the coming days/weeks, we will be cooling our cancellation period for birthday parties from 28 days to 7 days. If this is still the protocol by the time the planned party is here and you wish to cancel, please email me to arrange a refund, less the £2.50 transaction fee. Alternatively, you can hold the deposit as a credit and rebook the party at a later date when the virus epidemic has passed.

Regular AMSA Terms and conditions for Camps and Clubs:

CAMP AMSA BOOKING TRANSFERS – more than 24 hours notice 

If for any reason a session booked in advance for a particular day is no longer convenient or the booking has been made in error then AMSA Admin can transfer the session within the same camp period for an equivalent session. Requests to transfer sessions for reasons other than sudden illness or injury must be received more than 24 hours before the session start time otherwise they will not be considered and the value of the session will be lost.  

CAMP AMSA BOOKING TRANSFERS – less than 24 hours notice

Transfers requested within the 24 hour notice period of the session start time can only be considered in the event of the booked child developing a sudden illness or injury. No other circumstances will be considered. Please notify us immediately and you will be given the option to transfer your booking to a different day or time slot within the same sports camp service period. If the illness/sickness occurs on the last day of camp then the customer may transfer the session to the next camp but in any other circumstances transfers must stay within the current camp period.

CAMP AMSA CREDITS/REFUNDS – more than 24 hours notice

Notification of cancellation of a Camp AMSA booking must be received at least 24 hours prior to the booking start time. Customers who cancel their booking before the 24 hours notice period will have the following option;

 CAMP AMSA CREDITS/REFUNDS – less than 24 hours notice

No credits or refunds will be issued for bookings which have been cancelled within the required 24 hours notice period of the booking start time for any reason. The booking will become void and the value will be lost.

AMSA CLUB LATE BOOKING  – within 2 weeks

Late bookings made within the first two weeks of term will be charged at the full amount.

AMSA CLUB LATE BOOKING – after 2 weeks

Children starting late due to gaining a place through a waiting list or joining mid term beyond the second week will have the fees adjusted pro rata according to sessions missed. Contact us to request booking and a coupon code will be issued which when applied at checkout will adjust the amount payable. If the child is being transferred from a waiting list then the AMSA admin can convert the registration from waitlist to full, edit the amount payable and will then email a request for payment online via “My Account”.


Transferring from one club to another can be requested and carried out by AMSA admin at any point (subject to availability). Any difference in fees which result in a credit can either be refunded (subject to the £2.50 refund fee). If there is a deficit as a result then a request for payment of the balance will be made via email and can be settled at “My Account”.


Please notify us immediately if your child decides to leave a club. You will have two options:


Sessions missed due to occasional absence, illness or injury lasting 1 to 2 weeks cannot be refunded or carried over.


Terms of credit/refund entitlement – If a long-term sickness or injury predicted to exceed 2 weeks prevents the booking being fulfilled partly or fully, please notify us immediately. Only sessions that have not yet taken place can be credited or refunded. AMSA will calculate the value of the sessions following notification that will be missed the remaining value can be credited to the Active account with no expiration or refunded subject to the £2.50 fee or the full amount.

Timing of credit/refund issued – In cases of severe injury where it is known that a child will not be able to return for the rest of the term then the credit/refund can be issued immediately. In cases of mild to moderate injury where a child is likely to return within the term but it is unclear exactly when then the credit/refund will be issued retrospectively once it is known how many sessions have been missed. Refunds are subject to a £2.50 fee.

Place retention when credit/refund has been issued – In cases where a member receives a credit/refund for the rest of the term, the place is effectively cancelled and AMSA can offer it to another child (potentially on a waiting list). If the injured child unexpectedly recovers they would have to join the waiting list if the club was full or register again if there are places available in order to return to the club. If the parent does not take the credit/refund then the place will be held and the child can return at any point if they are able. However after the term has finished no retrospective refund can be made if the place was held open preventing other children from joining.


In the event of wet weather and the outdoor facilities being unplayable, the club will still go ahead as planned with an appropriate indoor activities being delivered based on the space available. We cannot refund sessions, whereby the weather hinders regular service.


Any trophies awarded to children by coaches as a recognition of good performance/behaviour at an AMSA club or Soccer Saturday remain the property of AM Sports Academy and are given on a loan basis only. If a trophy is broken while it is in the possession of the winner a replacement fee of £10.00 will be requested as a bacs transfer to our nominated account from the parent/guardian.

Contact us – email [email protected]